Paying with Coins

Crypto POS devices for your store


Withdraw or deposit money at your crypto wallet


Professional business Coachings made for you success


Rent or buy crypto mining


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Payment solution packs

Passive profit through crypto cashback

Store POS

Give your customers the opportunity to pay their purchases with crypto currencies.You’ll receive your payment in your local currency or optionally in coins.

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Online shops

Crypto payment interfaces for Shopware webshop operators. Fast and safe online payments, without any banks.  


achieve your goal

…. through professional business coaching’s.

By coaching in the top areas: sales, mindset, online marketing, leadership and crypto you will be able to determine your own income.

Take part in our live hangouts and study our video courses to increase your knowledge. Whether to have knowledge or to have no knowledge at all determines between success and failure

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Why don’t you let the computer do the work for you?Would you like to do crypto mining yourself, or would you prefer to rent the pure Hash rate service?

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Deposit money into your crypto wallet, or would you rather prefer to withdraw your money? The conversion into your crypto currency takes place automatically in real time at the current exchange rate.

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Your career in the new economy

Evorizon sells innovative and high-quality products for a future-oriented market with sensational earning potential.

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