ATM solution

2- way Crypto/Cash ATM system

Invest into your future and profit in a very special way off our ATM offers

Exceptional earning opportunities combined with first-class products. You can build up a long-term income by contributing to the fees. That has never occurred before, come and see for your self

ATM 2-Way
Crypto exchange basic pack
rent for 4 years

  • 1 crypto 2 way- ATM
  • service flat rate & installation
  • Inc. 1 Crypto Coaching
  • Earnings 2.5% of sales (48 months)

ATM 2-Way
Crypto exchange pack
premium - UPGRADE -

  • Transaction volume settlement
  • Enhancement for the Crypto exchange basic pack

The CANDY community

The crypto community with plenty of advantages.

Supply and demand determine the markets.

The bigger the community, the better the offers of the merchants. The better the merchants’ offers, the more customers they will reach. A part of the merchants discounts will be provided to charity. With each purchase you’re supporting charity projects without and additional costs, if you’d like to learn more please visit CANDY earth

The crypto  shopping site for all crypto users.                      Discover great discounts near you or online. Lots of present and V.I.P offers. Pay easily and safely by using your favorite Coin

Become CANDYs sales partner and win a hole new range of customers, which means extra income thanks to your new customers. The more generous your offers, the more you’re going to sell.

Our earth benefits from it.                                          Every time you buy something via CANDY you’re not only purchasing products but you are also supporting various aid programs. The focus here is on cleaning the oceans of plastic waste, preserving rain forests and promoting education in developing countries.

The CANDY community.

Crypto payment will become an important part of future payment methods. We want to become/be a platform for all Crypto users, where you’re able to find great shopping offers, where you can gain new customers as our sales partner, where you can gain new experiences and learn everything about Cryptocurrencies. The bigger the community becomes the better the offers will be. Win- win for everybody.

Be part of it and join in                                                >>Click here for CANDY registration