Crypto Products

POS devices to pay with cryptocurrency and crypto ATMs

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Online shops

Crypto-Payment interfaces for Shop ware Web shop operators

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Why Evorizon?

EVORIZON is the future orientated distribution of modern times. The financial markets are shaped by EC payment. Cash payment will sooner or later vanish, therefor transactions by crypto will grow more important. They’re not only globally more attractive, but also much safer.

It is our goal to make payment by crypto as normal as Ec payment. For this emerging future market, we have high-performing product partners with innovative products and have developed lucrative sales channels with top earning potential

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For Sales-partners

Just imagine, there would be a payment device which gives you a part of the fees each time a payment happens, sadly this isn’t possible because this would fall into bank management territory.

With crypton payment, however, this is already part of everyday life. For both POS devices and ATMs. You earn with every transaction. With more transaction happening, the higher your income.

For your customers

Your customers receive the best possible products for payment transactions of the future.  Merchants and Store owners have no disadvantages either, the opposite is true! They win a completely new group of potential customers, save on fees and have no direct debit risk, to name just a few.

Win Win for everyone

The EVORIZON payment solution packs

Passive profit through crypto cashback

Achieve your goal

…through professional business coaching

By coaching in the top areas, selling, mindset, online marketing, leadership and crypto you’ll be able to determine your own income.

Take part in our live hangouts and study our video courses to increase your knowledge. Having knowledge or not determines your success and failure

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Give your customers the opportunity, to make their shopping payments in crypto. You’ll receive the payment in your local currency or if you wish in coins.

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Online shops

Crypto payment interfaces for shopwhare webshop operators. Safe and fast online payments and all of this without any banking.

Easy and save

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Just let the computer work for you. Do you want actively get involved in crypto mining, or rather rent hash rate (computing) power?

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Exchange your fiat currency and send it to your crypto wallet, the conversion into your cryptocurrency is done automatically at the current price

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Your career in the new economy

Evorizon sells innovative and high-quality products for a future-oriented market with sensational earning potential.

The “INCOMPARABLE” warranty!

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